Thursday, November 17, 2005

Dragonlance Arcana

Ok, as promised below, here is a bit of Dragonlance arcana. The original cover for The Thieves' Guild included the Tower of High Sorcery. Compare this to the cover in the right-hand column under My Novels. As Thieves' Guild takes place just before Dragons of a Fallen Sun, the Tower can't be there.

The first I saw of the cover was when it appeared on a few months before publication. I sent an urgent email to WotC alerting them of this error, thankfully not too late for the cover to be changed before publication.

Also, I had not yet turned in the final draft of Thieves' Guild when the cover appeared. Cael's cane wasn't a cane in the novel at this point, it was a staff. I had to go back and write the cane-form into the story to explain its appearance on the cover.


Jarrett said...

That's a pretty cool story. I have only read the first three (published) DL books, and then the following three in the story, which I liked less so.

I thought about teaching the first three books in my 7th grade classes, because they have good character arcs and could be used as capital-L-Literature. I decided not to, so far, because they already read "Golden Compass" and "The Hero and the Crown." I thought that might be too much fantasy. Maybe next year I'll require a DL book.

Anyway. Would Cael's staff had the same powers as the cane? I loved the world and characters of Cael's life - I felt nervous when he hid that stuff in his closet, that it might get ripped off, about a sequel?

Jeff said...

The cane and the staff were virtually the same. But I had to add the power of changing its size to the staff to explain the cane.

There currently no plans for a sequel or a prequel.