Wednesday, December 07, 2005

How Y'all Are?

A big welcome to all the readers who have been visiting the blog and thanks to whoever posted the link.

A blog is a great way to communicate directly. Please feel free to leave comments or ask questions. Don't be shy. You don't have to join anything, you can post anonymously if you so desire - all that is required is that you enter the goofy password, which is there to keep out the spambots.

Current project - I am rewriting The Sword of the Prophet to give it a bigger bite and make it more recognizable. I'm also playing around with some short stories that I wrote last year, tightening them up in preparation for flooding the specfic market.

And I hope you'll visit my webzine, Southern Gothic, and read some of the stuff there. It isn't exactly fantasy, in fact, there isn't much there in the way of fantasy at all, but there is some good fiction and poetry. I'm the editor and I think you'll find it a tasty treat.

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