Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Boo Hoo Hoo

I didn't win the Zoetrope screenplay contest. I didn't even make the finalists list. I guess that's what I get for submitting a kung-fu movie.

God knows kung-fu movies aren't for serious filmmakers. Why even bother?

But that's ok.

1,000 Year Heroes is the first screenplay I ever wrote. And guess what. It made the semi-finals. Not bad for a kung-fu movie written by a white guy from Tennessee who had never written a screenplay in his life.

Small victories - I'll take them.

And if you know Jet Li or anyone in the Hong Kong martial arts cinema, send them my way.

UPDATE: Back up to three screenplays out. I just submitted my Sinbad script to Bluecat. I know, what's the point? What self-respecting screenplay contest is going to let a Sinbad movie win, right? I mean, it's supposed to be about art! Get a grip, man!


Jesper said...

That sucks, but at least you write an interesting blog, which is a lot more than most bloggers can say. I think I'll buy Dark Thane come to think of it.

Jeff said...


polijn said...

Kung-fu movies are great. I even enjoyed that French one - Le Pacte De Loups. :D It has the guy from Iron Chef America in it. But it also made me wonder if the French invented the mullet style of haircuts. . . Besides, kung-fu movies are great date movies. :p