Friday, January 26, 2007

Who You Gonna Call?

See the ghost?

A couple of weekends ago, my econowife, OfJeff, was looking through some old photos she had found at her grandparents' house, when she came across this early 1950s photo of her mother and uncle.

Her mother's face, as you can see, is almost completely obscured by what appears to be the ghost of a man.

Of course, this is simply a double exposure. We're not sure who "the ghost" is. OfJeff's first impulse was to call him "the milkman" for reasons she was unable to explain. The fact that he's so small pretty much assures that it is a double exposure, because you'd think a ghost would be in proportion to the other people in the picture. But then again, who knows?

It's still kind of creepy, though.

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