Tuesday, May 15, 2007


I have just learned that my story "Adam's Hot Dogs at the End of the World," which was published in Nature last December, will be appearing in Futures from Nature, an anthology of 100 past Futures stories, to be published by Tor Books this November.

Update: And you can already pre-order it from Amazon.com. Imagine my surprise to learn that my story will be published alongside stories by the likes of Arthur C. Clarke; Bruce Sterling; Charles Stross; Cory Doctorow; Greg Bear; Gregory Benford; Oliver Morton; Ian Macleod; Rudy Rucker; Greg Egan; Stephan Baxter; Barrington J. Bayley; Brian Stableford; Frederik Pohl; Vernor Vinge; Nancy Kress, Michael Moorcock, Vonda N. McIntyr; Kim Stanley Robinson; John M. Ford; and eighty more.

I am humbled and honored to have my story in the same book as these giants.

Also, my story "Man for a Moment" is scheduled for the June 22 edition of Hub magazine. Subscriptions to this weekly fantasy and sci-fi ezine are free - each issue arrives in your email in pdf format - so be sure to sign up and tell them how much you loved my evil little tale.


Anonymous said...

I would play good money to see you continue on stories in regards to Cael Ironstaff or the Thieves's guild.

Jeff said...

Alas, WotC won't pay good money for the same.

robert said...

Cool. In a book with Asimov. Congrats.