Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Novel News

In comments to my previous post, Arthur lamented that the continuation of the story begun in my novel Dark Thane is not being written by me. Instead, Doug Niles appears to be writing a new trilogy called Dwarf Home that will carry forward the storyline of the dwarves of Dragonlance.

And as I replied, if given my choice of all the existing Dragonlance authors, I'd choose Doug Niles to write the story of the dwarves. Sure, he's going to change things and write it differently than I would, just as I wrote the story differently than Doug did when I picked up his story from the end of Last Thane.

This is the way Dragonlance novels are written.

Will I ever write another Dragonlance story? That's not a question I can answer. So if I'm not writing Dragonlance novels, what am I writing, other than short stories?

In June of this year, I finished my first novel since writing Dark Thane. Some Day is a modern fairy tale set in Arkansas.

I have two unfinished novels-in-progress - The Sword of the Prophet, which is a historical fantasy set during the Crusader period, and Shades of Black, which is a supernatural detective thriller set in Memphis in 2007.

And just last night, I finished outlining a heroic fantasy, possibly of the young adult subgenre, called James of the Gates. As the outline runs almost 25,000 words, I don't know if it will all fit in a single novel, or even two. Probably, it will take three or more to tell the whole thing, since in the outline I have only really finished the first third or possibly half of the complete story. I'm not sure yet where to go from where I've ended, only that the story isn't even near being over.

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Morgwyn said...

You know, yours were the only Dragonlance novels I've ever NOT sold on amazon or traded at used book stores. And it's all because of the gully dwarfs. Bet this other guy doesn't do such good gully dwarfs...

If you need a source for Arkansas stuff, hit me up... working for the dept. of parks and tourism has filled my head with all kinds of stuff from geology to history.