Thursday, February 12, 2009

How Many Angels Can Stand on the Head of a Pinhead?

I'm not going to be getting any invitations to join the Author Guild saying this, but their stance that the Kindle 2's text reader is a violation of copyright is bullshit.

I'm no fan of the Kindle. I think Kindle Books are ridiculously overpriced. But I have to take Amazon's side on this one.

We've already gone way too far with copyright law as it is. I'd love to see Congress dial back the excesses of the last 40 years of copyright law and return us to a 25 year copyright, renewable during the author's lifetime. If things keep going the way they're going, your children might one day have pay per view books... sorry, no, I'm wrong there, because there won't be any fucking books, because the public will figure they get more bang for the buck watching movies and playing video games. We're already halfway there.

Meanwhile the members of the Author Guild can sit around clinging to their precious, worthless books that no one will read for 150 years because of insane copyright protections.

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