Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Soccer Blogging

I hate nearly everything about Rupert Murdoch and his Fox television empire, but since I got cable, I have found myself growing addicted to Fox Soccer Channel. Because there is nothing else. I would find it... difficult... to go back to DirecTV unless they offered me a free soccer channel package.

That is not to say that Fox Soccer Channel doesn't blow dead donkey. It does, but they occassionally manage to fit a match into their schedule of soccer-related dreck and endless repetitions of soul-sucking Proactiv commercials.

For example - the derby match between Inter Milan and AC Milan. They don't call it the beautiful game for nothing. Of the match, I must say Inter Milan took excellent advantage of their opportunities to win the game, though I thought AC Milan actually played a better game. They just couldn't finish. Ronaldinho looked better than he has in months (though he remains a bit sloppy), and David Beckham (who was hurt during the match) still has a massive leg. Hey Galaxy - let this man go!

But in my opinion, the man of the future is AC's Pato. He's an amazing player, and with a little more experience he's going to be unstoppable. He's only 19! He has flashes of brilliance, and when he gets the ball he's exciting to watch because you get the feeling he has the ability to blow your mind, but he lets himself get pushed around by bigger defenders if he doesn't have a good ref covering his back, unlike the one Sunday night who was calling nothing in the first half (including an obvious handball goal by Adriano). Even so, Pato managed to score AC's only goal. The match should have ended in a tie because of that hand ball, but them's the breaks, mon.

Now if Fox will only show some Spanish and German league play, that would be super. They certainly have the room on their schedule. All they have to do is cut the crap.

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