Monday, March 09, 2009

Follow the Bouncing Soccer Ball

Last night before bed I caught the Arsenal/Burnley match. The 3-0 final was not indicative of the overall excellence of the match. With a bit of luck, Burnley would have finished much better than they did, but they were shut out by Arsenal's outstanding goalkeeping. On the other end, Burnley's goalkeeper did an admirable job, making a couple of incredible saves, but was beaten by three virtually undefendable shots by Vela, Eduardo, and Eboue.

Arsenal looked better than they did in the 0-0 tie against Fulham. For a scoreless tie, that was one hell of a good game. Arsenal will need to bring it all when they play Roma, who looked excellent in their 3-3 draw against Serie A leader Inter Milan.

Burnley has the makings of a team of the future, if they can keep better-funded teams from scarfing up their best players. Player to watch - Wade Elliot.

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