Monday, April 06, 2009

New Terms

Hey, it looks like the banks have discovered a way to regain solvency: by screwing their good customers! What a plan!

See, although the Fed rate is now practically zero, my bank just sent me a letter notifying me that the interest rate on my credit card will almost double next month, even though I have not had a single deliquent payment - ever - and my credit rating is, as my real estate agent told me last year, the highest she has ever seen.

So as I am just the sort of good and loyal customer that Regions bank needs to pull their asses out of the hole they're in, they've decided to give me a damn good reason to close my account, cash in my points, and get a card from another company.

Which is what I'm going to tell them at the bank today.

PS. This happens at the same time that the rate on a 39-month CD continues to fall - now down to 3.0%. I'm starting to think I'm in the wrong business. I should take what little money I have and open me a bank. All I have to do is not screw the customers and I'm sure to become a millionaire.

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