Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Those Gentlemen of Verona

I'm sitting here watching the AC Milan/Chievo match that I TiVo'd a few days ago. Is there any worse-coached team in European football than AC Milan? With Kaka obviously not in top form, and two stars like Ronaldinho and Beckham sitting on the bench, he replaces Inzaghi, who is having a decent game, with Flamini?

Why did AC Milan spend so much public capital (not to mention money) acquiring David Beckham just to sit him on the bench? His legs are at least as good as Kaka's, and his penalty kicks are far better than Pirlo's. I don't understand it.

Chelsea will be making a big mistake if they hire Carlo Ancelotti. AC Milan was lucky to win this match. It wasn't Ancelotti's leadership - it was Dida's goalkeeping that kept them alive against the excellent, if remarkably unlucky, efforts of the gentlemen from Verona.

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