Thursday, August 13, 2009

Plan 9 from Outer Hollywood

Peter Jackson - "District 9' is not reflective of any movie that I can imagine. It's really very original, which I love about it, and that's totally Neill."

Haven't seen the movie, but Jackson's comment is just rubbish. Here's the description from the article in the LA Times:

Hundreds of thousands of aliens become stranded in South Africa after their massive spaceship comes to a standstill above downtown Johannesburg. Unable to fix the craft, this massive population of tentacle-waving, exoskeleton-sheathed aliens eventually outstays its welcome; they become reviled by humans for burdening the country's welfare system even though all they really want to do is go home.

Well, except for being set in South Africa instead of LA, and the aliens wanting to go home, this sounds like the plot of Alien Nation. From IMDB:

A few years from now, Earth will have the first contact with an alien civilisation. These aliens, known as Newcomers, slowly begin to be integrated into human society after years of quarantine but are victims of a new type of discrimination.

Hopefully, District 9 won't devolve into Lethal Weapon with Gills, like Alien Nation did.

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