Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Thundercats, Hoooooo!

Meet the newest members of our organization. This is Dex, aka Dexter. He prefers not to reveal his secret identity.

This is Jazz, aka Jasmine, aka Princess Jasmine, aka Jazzy Cat. She also is wary of revealing herself.

And here they are together, day 3, in their new home, still under flea quarantine, 10 weeks old and ready to begin their superherocat training. Jazz is the one with the soul patch, of course, and Dexter is the one on the left, appropriately enough.

Here they are in their top secret training facility.

Who will win the Sword of Thundara? Stay tooned.

Update: Dexter was not named after the HBO serial killer. We needed a name that started with D, because originally Dexter was Daisy. Oops.


Anonymous said...

They look mean! Do they kill? Do they have claws? Your not satified with one killer you get two. You named your cat after a fictional serial killer....hmmmm...


Jeff said...

You'll be safe as long as you avoid eye contact.