Thursday, March 18, 2010

Smells Like Victory

Excellent news, Arthur!

"Death's Last Daughter" is going to appear in the April issue of Heroic Fantasy Quarterly. Though the story is drawn from my still-unpublished (wtf!?! I know!) historical sword-and-sorcery novel The Sword of the Prophet, it stands on its own as short fiction quite nicely, thanks to the excellent suggestions of the editors. Now if only I can talk David and Adrian into knocking the entire novel into publishable form... that would be keen.


"Eaters of Earth" has been accepted for publication in the legendary Space and Time Magazine, which has been around since forever. In this story, there's this thing, and its buried in this hole, and this one guy wants to let it out, but this other guy... well, you really have to read it. It's about the end of the world and stuff.

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