Thursday, January 06, 2011

The Battery That Wouldn't Die

According to this story, this battery has been producing electricity since 1950. I have a story that is slightly different. This is the story of the zombie battery that came back from the dead.

My grandmother had a simple, battery-operated wall clock in her house. When she died in the late 70s, my mom took it to our house and hung it on the wall. Not long after, it's pair of Eveready D batteries died and the clock stopped. She never replaced the batteries, nor got rid of the clock. It just hung on the wall, I suppose as a reminder of her deceased mother.

I'm guessing around 1990 or 91, one night mom called me, breathless and a little scared. She said, do you remember Mamaw's old clock?

Yes, I said.

It's running, she said.

She just happened to notice that the time had changed, and upon closer examination saw that the second hand was moving. No telling how long it had been running, but the old clock continued running for several more hours on 15 year old dead D batteries, before stopping again. It's still on her wall, but it has never run since.

Common sense says that batteries that have been dead for 15 or so years don't just suddenly recharge themselves. Yet that's what they did. There's no rational scientific explanation for it. E pur si muove.

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