Thursday, October 06, 2005

Second Post, Second Baby

Ok, so what have I been doing since the last time I updated my old website in like 2003?

Raising children. Many different children.

But as to what have I written and what have I published, well, I had a little story published at a few months back - a piece of flash fiction, about 600 words I think, called A Curve in the Road.

I've got another piece of fiction going to be published there sometime soon, this year I hope. It's another short piece, called Tell You What. I actually managed to sneak a bit of speculative fiction past their cultural sensors (yes, I know how I spelled it). Pindeldyboz is a supercool web magazine, and not just because they have published my work. After you read my story there, wander around for a bit and read some of their other work - it's great stuff.

I haven't written anything Dragonlance-related in a while. But I did collaborate on this for the Forgotten Realms.

I've been editing my own webzine, called Southern Gothic Online. Please pay it a visit.

But mostly, I've been writing screenplays. Yes, screenplays. It's my newest passions. I've completed four screenplays this year. If you are a producer, director, or agent, here are the log lines. If you like what you see, have your people call my people. I'll let you know when I have some people. Until then, write to me.

Or if you are a book publisher and would like to see any of these made into novels, I'm hip to that as well.

The Dragon’s White Eyebrow
With the help of a kung-fu aficionado, an ancient Chinese alchemist, and the drummer from a metal band, a paralyzed Iraq war veteran searches for a lost friend and rediscovers his own strength in the mystical world of the Dragon’s Dream.
Modern magical realism with kung fu action and retro metal music.

Some Day
A gorgeous young woman flees the murderous designs of her jealous, greedy foster mother but finds the courage to confront her with the help of seven bizarre brothers in Lima, Arkansas.
A loose retelling of Snow White, set in Northeast Arkansas, Southern Gothic and country music, Dukes of Hazard and Slingblade.

1,000 Year Heroes
Thirteen kung-fu students, all born on the same day as the millennial flowering of a sacred plum tree, battle it out for a chance at immortality.
Hero meets Highlander. Better than either Hero or House of Flying Daggers.
Current status - entered in the Zoetrope contest, and I sent a copy to Band Apart Productions in March 2005 but I haven't heard back from them.

Sword of the Prophet
Set in 1182 AC, six unlikely heroes are drawn together in Alexandria, where they set out to rediscover a lost city of Egypt, rescue a Sufi priestess, and destroy an ancient evil before it can be reborn.
Historical magical realism, set a couple of years before the events of the movie Kingdom of Heaven -- but this is not a derivative work, it merely takes place in the during the Crusader period and in the same general geographic area. I sometimes call this "Harry Potter meets Indiana Jones behind the Stargate in the Kingdom of Hell."

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polijn said...

I'd put money on Some Day. :D But I welcome anything that uses Arkansas as a setting. Especially if it's a sort of fairy tale.