Tuesday, August 19, 2008

The Moment is Gone

Why does any blogger use Haloscan? Yet all the big ones - Atrios, Digby, Peskyfly, use haloscan.

I just typed my magnum opus of political theory over at Digby's crib, only to have Haloscan go down in the middle of my post, losing an essay what might have saved this country from impending disaster. It's like Patrick Henry calling up the printer and saying, dude, where's those tracts I sent you to print up, and they're all like, dude, what tracts? Sorry. Our typesetter was like sick and stuff and his wife used the transcript to bung up a mouse hole. Can you give the speech again? No I can't give the speech again! Haloscan lost it! Goodbye Revolution. So long America! I hope you enjoy life under King George the Third, because Haloscan sucks pony!

I keed, of course.

Update: This will have to do.

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PeskyFly said...


I only use it because I always have. In the early days you had to have a blogger account to comment so I got haloscan so nobody had to sign up for anything.