Monday, August 18, 2008

Speak Friend and Enter

I just received my copy of Mallorn, the journal of the Tolkien Society. I have a story in it - a piece of heroic fantasy called "In the Shadow of the Dragon's Wing." At his blog, Mallorn editor Henry Gee called this story the highlight of this issue's fiction, which is a tremendous compliment considering that the story right after mine is "Calinnen" by Tanith Lee.

Friggin' Tanith Lee, maaaaaaannnnnnnn!

Originally written in a single all-night writing session ca. 1994, In the Shadow of the Dragon's Wing is the first piece of fiction I ever wrote which generated a personal rejection from an editor - at Dragon magazine. For that reason alone, it is dear to my heart, my first-born child, so to speak. Over the last 14 years, it has seen many revisions, additions, and deletions, and was even published at the now-defunct

The story is part of my unfinished epic heroic fantasy novel. This is the chapter which introduces Victor, the outlaw warrior-monk who specializes in killing dragons. Technically, I've been writing this novel for 14 years, ever since I wrote this story. Maybe one day I will finish it.

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