Tuesday, October 14, 2008

The Underwear Can Not

If you are like me, you've been receiving dozens of spams from someone in China who is rather fond of the exclamation point, but whose message is entirely in Chinese.

Wonder no longer. Google has translated it thusly:

Want to urge everyone in the ordinary course of shipment have been good for a long time, but the span is estimated that there are many people also take goods in the hands of how many did not, ah greed greed, gamblers are ah! According to the Federal Reserve practices, as long as the U.S. behind the hold-up big brothers will be finished, as the Federal Reserve will be on August 25 as tens of billions of dollars in secret loans, "entered quietly, not to the Daqiang" It is the small Japanese Devils ! Yesterday, the Fed therefore is likely to have a lending tens of billions of dollars to market hunters and Latin America. I do not know which is the only Dao Meigui targeted by the Federal Reserve "injected" because I have long said that one loan stock not only hold-up but also to pay interest, the Federal Reserve has been targeted, and that it is non-Paxia you The underwear can not. Therefore, this is not the Federal Reserve is likely to inject Dao Meigui the U.S. to pull U.S. stock market is behind the window-shattering their big brothers to collect funds to pull the market! Well, it was like pulling the market! Because it shows us every ship by drawing on the positive fled crazy!

ah greed greed, gamblers are ah! - I couldn't have said it better myself.

Pulling the market truly is difficult, but if anyone can do it, it is the small Japanese devils. And what's more, ha ha!:::

In fact, only have to look at the recent U.S. Federal Reserve on August 25 injection end of 75,000,000,000 U.S. dollars, know that on the capital injection of U.S. Federal Reserve is said to be a happy thing, it is because you have the opportunity to flee the! However, if the injection of capital into your head that allows you to a very painful thing, ha ha, you have to copy loans to U.S. "at the end of the" pull themselves locked in when the stock market, "Huo Leifeng." When Hu Jintao, Wu Bangguo, Wen Jiabao, Jia Qinglin, Xi Jinping, Li Keqiang, He Guoqiang mobilization of Chinese corrupt officials to the United States and Latin America to rescue the market but the market hold-up, when the U.S. behind the scenes of their big brothers "mystery funds" hunters entering the market and Latin America also hold-up, when the loan-to-time international hot money scandal Chinese and foreigners as the main span, said the national team as short-selling had to draw money from the global stock market pull back to the United States, when the market all to do more funds are entering Mancang hold-up, so now you are crazy when clearing fled! I predict this evening at the international floating capital and loan scandal foreigners main Chinese national team from Latin America, after that you do not have to escape from every fled la! ! ! ! China and the United States of the financial war, "the new land reform" is to subvert the collapse of our party "land reform" the eradication of the Communist Party of China! 2008.10.5 6:43 10.6 16:44 Editor Zhang Who are all aware of the Communist Party of China is by "playing field at Tuhao" Naoge Ming "land reform" started, all the people all the land that is the foundation of the Communist Party of China! Then the "new land reform" to allow farmers to obtain the name of "material benefit" in the name of "land transfer" the implementation of the privatization of land, "the sheep to eat" land enclosure movement of farmers to subvert the plunder of our party "land reform" slavery farmers, the feudal colonialism is black reactionaries launched Serfs and drastic coup to overthrow the Chinese Communist Party to eradicate, to split China and destroy China demise of the Chinese nation's genocide crazy counter-revolutionary Walkman back! Oct. 3 of the morning did not look back, on October 4 in the morning I look, ha ha, the United States Congress passed the White House 800,000,000,000 U.S. dollars "rescue program" was "Xianguang Si" U.S. stock market! Ha ha, this did not post messages Anke ah, U.S. stocks also had a drop? I can not long ago, such as those of the U.S. Congress passed the White House 700,000,000,000 U.S. dollars "rescue" of the capital market, because I want to urge everyone up the results of the entire U.S. hunters were not even Chen Shui-bian as Taiwan's President of the United States George W. Bush " Tai Chi actually wants to make use of "stealing school span post on October 1 came in a speech to deceive the U.S. and Latin America market, the U.S. stock market is the United States Congress passed the White House 800,000,000,000 U.S. dollars" rescue program "is also up no better. Ha ha, the results of the U.S. Congress passed the White House 850,000,000,000 U.S. dollars "rescue", "Jianguang Si" U.S. stocks could drop! As a result U.S. President George W. Bush said that "rescue" effect will take time, ha ha, how to listen so familiar with it? Which seems to have been heard. On the think of it, China A shares "to share" before "shares to" do good, ha ha, "stock" after the Stock those experts and scholars said that the elite of the "effect will take time". Or should the results of the blue Mr. Jin Yu said that the "stock" a significant increase in shares outstanding is the big bad, there are still more money coming in the stock market can pull up, the results of the sub-loan scandal of international hot money foreigners Chinese national team on the main market pull in. China plunder. Alas, the original Blue are taught Mr. Jin Yu ah! But I can not, or where to go, China and the United States fought a span of the financial war command a global stock market investors to make money, the results of the second loan scandal of international hot money and Chinese national team on the main force foreigners to come to span the rear end with the school to listen to stocks, then listen to span Span of command, and who Anhai China and the United States fought a war of the financial ah? Ha ha, I can not think of, ah, U.S. President George W. Bush went so far as the leadership of China's A shares of large Makers foreigners Chinese national team Chen Yuan and the main mastermind behind the "live Deng Xiaoping's" one of Deng! No wonder that U.S. President George W. Bush is a running dog of the small Japanese devils, "Deng Xiaoping's alive," Zhuo Lin, Deng Pufang, including Japan, and so on are small traitor! Please rest assured, however, the U.S. stock market will go up later, because the loan-to-time international hot money scandal foreigners main Chinese national team to be big brothers behind the U.S. market and Latin America. Ha ha, or that the span of the U.S. market up smaller Japanese Devils lead the stock market surge suppression crash of small Japanese devils, they earn money to eat them how to drink them to be realized? Are you willing to put their own money to small and the Devils do not want to go to Japan to earn the money they drink it? Want to up China's accession to the WTO before the WTO to those foreigners traitor blowing so good, one China's accession to WTO as soon as they are the elite of throwing cold water on their own to find a pack of lies, said the retreat is "results will take time," this sentence, in particular, Beijing is that Fan Gang and Zhang Hanlin. So why should they join? Because the span of 10 years to write, "the state-owned enterprises" in China do not explicitly require them to join the WTO but Gao Ge, "International Trade"! "Effect will take time," WTO accession for so many years, "effective", what is the benefit of it? Some of the Chinese economy into a political colony! Damn damn the year before last call from the WTO to withdraw from the WTO did not? Lao Zi to withdraw from the WTO! , To look at the "transformation of state-owned enterprises" in that letter is attached letter, the span of time to Xiaojiannaodai's accession to the WTO is really talking about? But also in the West after China's accession to the WTO will be in accordance with their interests to amend WTO rules! So when Russia after the war, Putin said Russia and Georgia not to join the WTO, you should understand that Putin's Russia is to see what 10-year span to lead Russia's. Among state-owned so many people praised Putin's Russia, Vladimir Putin came to power a Anjiu know that he is holding a span of 10 years ago, those things rule Russia. In other words, Russian President Vladimir Putin, also a span of 10 years ago, the fans who have one. Putin and the West also not enough to span the fans because he was not the United Kingdom Clinton, Tony Blair. In some ways, it can be said, however, Russian President Vladimir Putin is his span of a small Western leaders only. What is betrayal? Russia's Putin called betrayal! Last year I called the pro-Russian and sent to Russia to recover the political negotiations to save the Chinese territory of Russia Vladimir Putin had to save all can not save! I said last year as soon as the outbreak of war on China and the United States to send troops to the Russian side of the Chinese territory of the Jews to the Jewish state regardless of all the arrested men, women and children hostage over when the country placed on all the critical areas when human shields, the connivance of the Jews on the intake Putin in Russia's Far East China When the oil resources in the territory of the oil oligarchs to defend the Jews! That is why I said that the Russian-Georgian war of oil, Putin does not want to be up oil prices because of oil prices in line with the interests of the Russian oil oligarchs, Putin is a good oil-importing countries are not in line with the interests of Switzerland! ! ! ! I can not save Russia Vladimir Putin, on the contrary, Putin to talk about buying for the Olympic target after the earthquake in Sichuan meteorological use weapons in the South China flood of subversion against China China China demise of the demise of the Chinese nation! I heard that before his death Laomao clear span is the only designated successor and the Lao Mao ready to break off relations, then on the Yellow River has a clear head at the same time to create a "Wong Ho-ching of saints," the signal to start the potential Chinese spies decades of assassination Span! Russian-Georgian war, I say nothing? On the other hand do not speak An Hai what we call Kanhao Xi big hit China and the United States to continue their financial war! Ha ha, Russia, Putin was to lay down their Russian-Georgian war went to the Chinese territory, China's radio show Putin's version of the Tiger "as the tiger!" Span of 10 years ago is of the CPC Central Committee Political Bureau Standing Committee of China's old leadership, the old span was the highest Chinese leaders also drop yesterday? Haha, I just said, "Zhanshanweiwang" "Chengwangbaikou" Putin on the "Tiger shot," Tiger also cover their mouths with collar? Ha ha, the Russian-Georgian war Anke say nothing? Russia's war in grid span is so regardless of your aggressive to toss a blind, Anjiu China and the United States fought a war of the financial, can not ah? How you like span before Jinhua City, who authorities, "a friend" to help you do not owe you hate to span the same span murder ah? I was locked in global stock markets with you, ha ha, you set the Putin! ! ! ! Haha, you would also like to meet Putin in the West with South Korea and Japan to China to launch Olympic Beijing northeastern Inner Mongolia and Xinjiang, a large-scale war of aggression against China launched a military coup? You when you Putin is Stalin's Soviet Union, ah? If it is not Beijing Olympic Gaodiao span large-scale military coup, I am afraid that Putin launched the Russian-Georgian war is not Russia but the vertical lightning war against Beijing, right? Ha ha, so the results of Han Lao Tzu was to get rid of it! Lao Zi to the Soviet Union to check the pro-democracy movement called "the conscience of Russia," the writer Solzhenitsyn, he was killed by Lao Tzu was killed by Putin and the subversion of China's Wei Wei as the mastermind behind the scenes. The U.S. Congress passed the White House 800,000,000,000 U.S. dollars "rescue program" is doing a good bad? This is not good, because the loan scandal at the international hot money pushing their big brothers behind the U.S. traitor Hu Jintao, Wen Jiabao, foreigners engaged in carrying out the privatization of land, "the sheep to eat" enclosure movement violent land speculation China plundering the wealth China to the United States meeting Loan-to-pay crisis, at the same time attempting to "land reform" to deal with the Communist Party of China's "land reform" to overthrow our party to subvert the Chinese to split China demise of slavery Chinese people the final demise of the Chinese nation China's genocide plot, ha ha, was the Gaodiao span! Ha ha, just say "British and American Jews small Japanese Devils evil Lee Kuan Yew Lee Group of the United States to subvert the Chinese to promote China demise of the demise of Genocide of the Chinese nation, China has a span Gaodiao one by one to defend their own country" immediately and at the same time I have to overturn a Gaodiao China to split the party to subvert the Chinese demise of slavery Chinese people the final demise of the Chinese nation China's genocide plot, ha ha, look out for everyone! Ha ha, the leather is not blowing, Taishan's stack is not, rather than push the train, to split China and destroy China's genocide plot the demise of the Chinese nation are Gaodiao span drop! Ha ha, Mao Zedong said that to save China, now I do not know if I have to save to save China in the world to save mankind to save the number. From that point, I was qualified Lao Mao's successor, from September 2006 to start in less than two years, I have Laomao Gaodiao liberation from the Chiang Kai-shek's counterattack against the mainland to the Korean War to the color of the revolution Liyingwaihe all kinds of subversive counter-revolutionary coup of New China, "Zhou Pilinpikong approved the" go again. If the Lao Mao was still alive would Gaodiao Lao Mao and Deng Xiaoping's "end of the Cultural Revolution, the reform and opening-up," then Gaodiao span, "the privatization of land," the legal equivalent of a coup plot on Gaodiaogaodiao Lao Mao and Deng Xiaoping's "end of the Cultural Revolution, the reform and opening-up" . Ha ha, it is clear Lao Mao had placed their hopes in the span of the span as the sole body designated successor revolution, not only vision but also that Laomao Laomao wise old age of the major decisions right. To this end Laomao Hua Chen Xilian even given up the "Gang of Four", before the Lao Mao's death, they say, how do you after? God knows. But I still have to break off relations and the Lao Mao, as long as I look at are not "born reincarnation," but "for the reincarnation of children" should know the reason, although I know that I have mentioned earlier that the span is "children for the reincarnation" I do not say that we still do not understand it then there Lao Mao in Hangzhou have not seen that. Ha ha, the results of the Lao Shao Hua Mao Anqing kill, you called anti-Lao Mao Mao murdered! If the span is no "vote in the reincarnated child," came to this world of today, now, I do not know how to China, now the world's kind of how I do not know now, I do not know how human-like, ha ha, this is the Chinese ancestors 2,000 years ago, Ha ha, I seen that the Chinese heaven, I want to continue to build Sino-Korean Chu Jian it? This is the arrangement of the universe Mingming Zhong! Road invisible, ha ha, I am glad that I did not live up to such an arrangement and entrusted. When cutting large span of land privatization law coup plot ..... Ha ha, no matter how stupid discerning eye have been seen with the privatization of land to China at the United States of conspiring to pay loan crisis has been Gaodiao span, but on October 2 Hong Kong stocks were also up? Hong Kong's Li Ka-shing is not so frenzied has been on the whole span has become senile dementia! Ha ha, Singapore Senior Minister Lee Kuan devil scum of the Chinese I was crazy, devil scum of the Chinese in Hong Kong Li Ka-shing is also about to be into the whole span of Alzheimer's! Ha ha, the music is ridiculous ..... Span because the U.S. House of Representatives to vote against the White House "rescue program" so that it ranges by the U.S. Senate to vote first on China, "the privatization of land," the law Gaodiao coup plot, as I told the U.S. Congress to reject the White House "to save City, "the result is that they first called the" anti-terrorism bill "to carry out the review unconstitutional, it is because the U.S. Congress to vote manipulation! Just listen to the United States said there are smart people on Wall Street, heard the U.S. Congress have smart people, ha ha, would like to play tricks? Two years ago, I was already aware of "the privatization of land," the coup plot, as foreigners comprador "elite" long message! Span is the first cut, "the privatization of land" legal coup plot, I own hands to stop the U.S. Congress passed the White House 700,000,000,000 U.S. dollars "rescue the program." And you through the White House of "rescue program" to let you know in advance that you took the old catch-up, you should do everything possible to "save the city" knew in advance was a "waste case," ha ha, I do not know You know what it's like a child? ! If not, why not later than two days cutting, "the privatization of land" legal coup plot it? The White House did not Gaodiao 700,000,000,000 U.S. dollars "rescue" of so much time trying to chop also "the privatization of the land"? 17 and have not held the Third Plenary Session. Ha ha, just do not know in the United States Congress passed the White House 850,000,000,000 U.S. dollars "rescue program" before the cut, "the privatization of land," the coup plot, is still cut off after the passage of conspirators who made the White House hawks more militants Heart More appalled scared? Anxiang it has to be adopted in their "rescue program" happily cut down the time, "the privatization of land" to the coup plot against their bigger, but in order to save the freedom of the United States to save the American people, I had no choice but to cut China's "Land The privatization of "legal coup plot. Ha ha, so Anhai Gaodiao that "the privatization of land," the White House legal coup plot 850,000,000,000 U.S. dollars "rescue" the U.S. Congress will be set aside to veto it, but the U.S. House of Representatives had passed the White House or 850,000,000,000 U.S. dollars "rescue program "I am so very strange, too! Ha ha, just for the lame President Bush's face? In fact, there is only one purpose, that is, save the small Japanese Devils destruction of the United States free! This does not, the White House on arms sales to Taiwan are not out of? The U.S. Congress is not through arms sales to Taiwan immediately proposal? The U.S. Congress vote but Kuaia hands and feet. China and the United States fought a span of the financial war has been the dollar out of the United States, the United States dollar shortage will not be so available, right? In order to a mere 6,463,000,000 U.S. dollars of arms sales to Taiwan are referred to the Hong Kong? Leading global investors is clear that span to lead the global span of the fans to make up the difference big drop, ha ha, and almost all have loan-to-time international hot money scandal behind the U.S. and China, big brother foreigners as well as China's main national team are all corrupt officials emptied a traitor! Therefore, the latest campaign goal is to small Japanese Devils Dalai Lee Kuan Yew and Lee Teng-hui Zhou Enlai, Zhu Rongji, Li Hongzhi Li Ka-shing Li Li Li Korean chaebol Lee Group, the world's evil! ! ! !


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