Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Nothing to Say?

Did Obama use Lesson 22: Blessed Silence on Paul Krugman? Eight days without a blog post, eight days since he informed his readers of his off-the-record dinner with the president, but only because others were wondering why he didn't even tell his readers he was having dinner with the president.

I respect Krugman's analysis, but every moment he remains silent hurts his future credibility on anything he might write about the president's economic policies. And that probably was the point of the dinner - not to listen to other opinions on the economic direction of this country, but to silence a vocal and prominent critic. Sad that even Nobel Laureates can be bedazzled by the Mystical Presence™.

Update: Apparently, Mr. Krugman is in China. A likely story. Next he'll be telling us he has a girlfriend in Canada.

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