Thursday, June 11, 2009

Mr. Conspiracy Also Wants to Know

Who are Johanna and Kurt Ganthaler? According to the breaking news of the moment, they were a couple who narrowly missed AirFrance flight 447, but were involved in an auto accident today, in which Johanna was killed.

However, if you go back one week, you find a story about the four people who missed Flight 447. Strangely, none of these people are named Johanna and Kurt Ganthaler.

Instead, in the article from last week, they are Amina and Claude Jaffiol from Montpellier, France. Claude appears to have some serious connections to an unnamed Dutch diplomat, whom they asked to use his influence to get them on the flight. What sort of Dutch diplomat would have that kind of pull, anyway?

A person of a conspiratorial frame of mind might suggest that Amina/Johanna and/or Kurt/Claude were targets of some sort. Such a person might want to know who these people are/were.


Anonymous said...

i thought there was something weird about that. good work.

Anonymous said...

I ran a search with the words; "Kurt Ganthaler" -car -automobile. iI used th eminus signs to purposely exlude the words car & accident in an effort to find any news about them before the car crash. Nothing relevant came up in the search.

Since they are Italian I would assume something had to be written about them in the Italian pres immediately following AF447...and if it's not, then we may have something here. Unfortunately I cannot read/speak Italian so I cannot check.

Jeffery Wagscot Conspiracy-Monger said...

From my own search, that name does not appear anywhere before the news of the car crash.