Thursday, June 11, 2009

Mr. Conspiracy Wants to Know

Why would the government suddenly and inexplicably classify all information about meteors gathered by spy satellites? This data, which has no national security implications, has been available to scientists for ten years.

A person of a conspiratorial frame of mind can come up with all manner of explanations. Perhaps it is to prevent scientists from detecting an incoming impactor. Let's be honest. If there were a giant meteor headed our way, news of our impending doom would not be constructive to the orderly decimation of the human population. What better way to keep the information secret than to promise those who know three hots and a cot in the secure bunker? Who in their right mind would talk? But the more people who know, the greater the chance of it leaking. An unsubstantiated leak is no big deal, but one backed up by satellite data - now that's a whole different bag of space rocks. If word were to get out, it would make it very difficult for the 144,000 to quietly disappear in the days before the impact.

On the other hand, if one were expecting an uptick in visitations by alien spacecraft, such spacecraft visits might be captured by these satellites and the data fall into the hands of a scientist who would then publish it for all the world to see. Better to put blinders on the satellites for a few weeks or months (much as they have done in the past with the SOHO observatory), until the silent invasion of earth is complete.

For a double whammy, maybe the alien spacecraft are coming to remove the "Select" before the giant meteor impact.

On a more mundane, but equally conspiratorial level, if you or one of your allies were planning to launch a nuclear first strike against an enemy nation's nuclear development facilities, and then use the radioactive blast as proof that they were illegally developing nuclear weapons, you wouldn't want any pesky scientists teasing contrary information from your publically available spy satellite data, now would you?

Ah, the trifecta of conspiracies - the nuclear conflict will be timed to distract attention from the secret arrival of the alien fleet that will rescue the 144,000 from the asteroid impact. I think I have the plot for my next book!

One thing is clear. The only reason to classify this information now is to hide something that didn't exist before (or existed but not noticed), but that can now be detected in the data. What that is is anybody's guess, because now there is no data.

So much for transparent government, not to mention science. Yes we can!

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robert said...

too late this movie was already done. I forget the name of it but it was nick cage's last movie. robie