Monday, July 13, 2009

Yay Me Woohoo

As I predicted several months ago, July has arrived and with it two short fiction sales. Hoodyhoo!

First up - Eating Cooks and Magic Rings, to be published in Crow Toes Quarterly. This is a Middle Grade fantasy about a girl, her little brother, their sorcerous father, their duplicitous cook, and the surprising creature who flies through the kitchen window one day. Crow Toes Quarterly is a slick kids magazine with excellent production values and equally excellent tastes in fiction, if I do say so myself. This is my first sale in the Middle Grade market and hopefully bodes well for my future designs upon Young Adult fantasy.

Next - Candy's Man, to be published in 3:AM Magazine. Candy visits the man who murdered her husband and finds he isn't quite what she imagined him to be. 3:AM is another surprising find. High quality with tons of content and a hip style (much hipper than me), this is what an online magazine should be.

For the full list of my published and to-be-published fiction, you know what to do.

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