Friday, August 06, 2010

Baby Snakes

Last night's weird dream - my spayed cat had two kittens. Then our roomer (we don't have a roomer) got mad at us and moved out, but not before dumping his collection of baby snakes (cue Frank Zappa) in his bedroom.

Now the house is crawling with small poisonous snakes, and four cats chasing them, and me trying to catch the snakes before one of them bites a cat. And all the while I'm getting bitten on the thumbs and trying to suck out the poison while trying to rip the heads off the snakes and throw them out in the rain. My hands were getting numb from the venom.

More of a nightmare of frustration than a nightmare of horror. Anyone care to interpret?


Jacky Maille said...

You're not having enough sex.

Jeff said...

Goes without saying.