Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Neon Orange Election Afterglow

You can't argue that the moon isn't made of cheese with someone who bases his moon cheese theory on the idea that the moon landings were faked. Nor can you argue with someone who, though he aknowledges that men really did land on the moon (illegally and unconstitutionally) and will admit that the holes we see are impact craters, not Swiss cheese, since the astronauts didn't examine every cubic inch of the moon, we cannot state as fact that some part of it, perhaps its core, is not made of gorgonzola.

Furthermore, you cannot debate people who think it is rude, unhelpful or elitist to refuse to waste our time having a serious debate with people who believe the moon is made of cheese.

Brothers, the moon cheese faction must be marginalized by our laughter and our disdain. Otherwise, the coin-operated terrorists (politicians) win.


Travener said...

Let's face it. The American people are stupid. I know it sounds elitist, but it's the truth.

Drewcifer said...

Roger that.

I keep telling myself that it won't be that bad. I keep saying it and taking another drink, then hit the bong. It won't be that bad.