Thursday, December 04, 2008

Corporate Signage

You've seen them - the assinine motivational posters corporations use to try to motivate employees in lieu of real motivational practices, like a fair wage, decent benefits, and job security.

There's no ME in TEAM.

Good, then you guys can handle it.

Who Moved My Cheese?

So you admit it was my cheese. Now you want me to be excited about the opportunity to compete with my fellow employees in tracking down that which you admit you stole from me in the first place.

I am something of a collector of employee-generated corporate messaging. For example, a sign was recently spotted at speech therapy center for young children. Apparently they have a problem with selfish asshole parents using the center as a babysitter and dropping off the kids for an extra hour or two. So the receptionist put up a sign:

Then there was the excellent bit of signage on display behind the desk of an executive secretary:

But my all time favorite was posted in the shipping area of a major printing company:

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