Sunday, January 04, 2009

It Doesn't Take a Little Einstein

This is another installment of Adventures in Obscenely Excessive Packaging. Our environmental criminal today is Little Einstein's Dominoes game, brought to you by the wonderful world of Disney.

This pointless game, which is inferior in every respect (save Disney's profit margin) to traditional dominoes, comes wrapped in lovely baby-choking, fish-killing plastic.

Nothing unusual about that. Within the box, you get one carboard divider:

One page of instructions which tells you how to play the different games. All the games are played exactly the same way - the only difference is the pictures on the dominoes.

And one stack of cardboard dominoes. Yes, cardboard. Wrapped in more plastic.

That's all. The cardboard divider splits the interior of the box into two equal compartments. One compartment is for the single sheet of instructions. Half a box for one piece of paper. At least it wasn't just air.

The other half of the box contains the stack of cards which, as you can see, are slightly larger than business cards.

All told, the entire contents of the box consume roughly 10% of the space.

That, my friends, is obscene waste you can believe in. But hey, it makes kids smarter because... well, because it's called Little Einsteins. Or something. And what parent wouldn't do anything to raise a little Einstein, right?

The real purpose here is that nobody would pay $7 for a tiny pack of fake cardboard dominoes, no matter whose pictures are on them, no matter whose name is on the label.

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